The Complete Boxing Handbook App

The Boxing Handbook App is an interactive instruction for the basics in boxing. With close to 100 unique animations all basic (and some advanced) moves are explained.
The app covers:
      • Basics stance and footwork
      • Distances
      • All Punches in boxing
      • Defence against all punches
      • Counterpunching techniques
      • Selection of combinations
      • Boxing exercises (controlled sparring exercises)
Screenshot iPhone6
The current version is developed for iPhone (4s, 5, 6, and 6 plus) as well as for iPad. Depending on the screen size the iPad is of course the best device for viweing purposes, but the app works equally wel on iPhone.

Since all animations are Real-Time rendered with the Unity 5 game engine, the user can rotate, zoom and move to any angle or distance to view a specific part of the animation.

This app is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate boxers. The app can be used in the gym as well as at classroom based classes. Since the animations can be viewed at any speed the app is suitable to in detail show a move or technique.

For support send an e-mail to describing the issue, and we will get back to you shortly